Be Prepared for Any Element With 12 Survivors Mini Bug-Out Box

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2016/10/10) – Offering 41 pieces of proven essentials, the Mini Bug Out Box keeps the odds in your favor. These survival tools are housed in a durable, waterproof ABS plastic case, ensuring they are Go Ready when you need them most. Weighing in at less than 6 oz. when full, the Mini Bug Out Box is light and compact.

12 Survivors bug-out-box made of ABS plastic

The 12 Survivors mini bug-out-box includes 41 items for survival.

Plastic bug-out-box with 41 pieces of survival supplies.

This 41-piece survival kit includes everything you need to survive any emergency.

If you find yourself far away from warmth and shelter, this compact kit features a flint rod that can be used to start a fire and keep warm, as well as cook food and boil water. Build a shelter in the most precarious situations with the included paracord and duct tape, or find your way back to civilization with the in-box compass.

When food and other provisions run out, survivors can count on the fishing kit to sustain themselves. With 4 rubber lures, 4 snap swivels, 4 fishing weights, 4 hooks, and a quality fishing line, the fishing kit allows any adventurer a way to procure their own food source when far from modern luxuries.

Minor cuts and injuries can cause serious harm without the advantage of a doctor. Luckily, you can become your own personal medic with the 4 bandages, 2 alcohol prep pads, and mini tweezers nestled away in the Mini Bug Out Box. In a worst-case scenario, the Mini Bug Out Box provides ample means for calling rescue. Make sure you are seen and heard with the included signal mirror and light/whistle combo.

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